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3 Environmental services in just one company

Pest Control

We offer Integral Pest Control Services and Termites Treatments, check out below our services.


Our Industrial sanitation service is provided along with a Integral Pest Control Program. A perfect combination of keeping your business or activity up to date with sanitation regulation.


Landscaping design, garden maintenance and plant keeping are part of out tasks..

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What we offer

The Necessary Treatments
What you need is what you get! We recommend
the appropriate treatment and appropriate
periodicity after inspecting your property.
24 hours Scheduling
If your business requires special timing services.
we can program it.
Our team has gained vast experience
in the pest control segment during more
than 9 years in Curacao..
Integral Pest Control
We have the ability to manage your property from the simple to the most elaborated pest control program.
Complementary Service
We are a environmental complementary services company.
Pest Control–Sanitation-Landscaping All you need in one company!
Professional Equipment
Our professional machinery and efficient chemicals are ready to deliver a guaranteed quality service!

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Econatura Treatments

Rodent Control
Rodent Control
Keep away mice, rats. We provide you with
specialized traps to get rid of rodents.
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Fly Control
Fly Control
Our Fly – UV light- traps with
glueboards control flying insects effectively.
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Bee Control
Bee Rescue
Bees are in Danger worldwide. We must protect them.
We provide a removal service. Be aware of the importance of bees.
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Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control
Protect you from deseases transmitted by mosquitos.
We apply a frequent program in order to get rid of them.
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Termites Treatments

Subterranean Termite Subterranean Termites Treatment
We are experts in termite extermination in Curacao. Termites are a very
destructive plague that can be a danger to your property. It is a hidden danger.
be aware of having done a preventing treatment to all the wooden house structure..
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Drywood Termite Drywood Termites Treatment
Another type of termites that are around your property.. We can make a free
inspection and detect if termites are attacking your roof wooden structure.
Be aware they are attacking your property silently and can damage it seriously.
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Pre Foundation Termite Termites Pre Foundation Treatment
Termites Pre-foundation Treatment: Keep in mind that during the construction of
your new house or project you can get our Pre-foundation Treatment.
This services is very helpful for preventing future troubles with pest such as Termites!
You can save money now solving future possibles pest attacks choosing our
preventive treatment services!.
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